Creating a custom Magento module

Magento community provides us with a great variety of modules (free and paid), available for downloading and installing from Magento Connect catalog, and from 3rd party developers' websites. Together with the rich Magento functionality, this allows us to solve a lot of tasks without programming skills. But, what if there is no solution for your specific task? Or, what if the needed module doesn't quite work as you need.

What you have to know about Magento before starting to code

Several years have passed since the time when I tried to understand Magento development. At that time, Magento was something unreal and very difficult for me. I tried over and over again; I did a lot of mistakes. One day I woke up and bingo!!! It was really amazing to understand how it works. Well, in this article I would like to talk about the caveats that were, most likely, encountered in development by a lot of my fellow PHP developers.


About Us

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