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Black Friday and Cyber Monday - Tips for Small Businesses

Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are just around the corner. This year retailers all over the world are super pumped up about the upcoming shopping events. With growing fears around the COVID-19 crisis and subsequent retail closures, millions of consumers have shifted to online spending and continue to do so. [...]

Want to prevent your Prestashop from crashing? 5 issues to watch out

How does your average Monday morning start? If you’re an e-store owner, it probably looks quite the same every time. You open your eyes and check your phone for emails to see if there are any urgent issues. Then you rush to make some coffee (because you’ll need a LOT of energy to process a bunch of tasks you have in the pipeline). You open your laptop and start analyzing all those website stats: bounce rate, session time, traffic, number of buyers, new purchases... Now imagine this: one day you open your laptop and realize that your website... has crashed! You frantically run the numbers in your head to calculate the losses you will suffer while your e-store is down. [...]

Why conducting a WooCommerce audit might be your best decision ever

It goes without saying that having a speedy online store is essential to converting your visitors into buyers. Currently, an average website load time is 2-5 seconds. However, you should keep in mind that each second beyond 2 seconds might increase your bounce rate, which will inevitably affect your sales. Recent reports have shown that 40% of internet users say they abandon the site if it takes longer than 3 seconds to open it. Thus, if you notice your Woocommerce site becomes slow or notice any changes in the bounce rate, the best decision, in this case, is to conduct a thorough website audit and find the core reason behind these issues. [...]