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Software Estimates are Hard

Ask Your Developer: Estimates

During the last 7 years at Mementia, I’ve spent a lot of time talking to people who weren’t happy with their developers. In fact, almost nobody is.

One interesting thing about the unhappy ones is the that they are not sure if that is the new normal, or if there is something actually wrong with their support, maintenance, or development partners.

There are some very simple questions you can ask your web development partners that will help you determine where you are in terms of quality and value for money.

Why is it so important to write well-formatted and clean source code?

Keeping source code well-formatted and clan is de facto good practice for every developer.

However, many of developers do not keep own code clean and clear. If you have ever worked on a big project or had to support source code of somebody else, you find very often some code chunks that have don't have the best smell.

You may be responsible for creating a few such lines yourself, because “you had deadlines and did not have time for things like code formatting”. A couple of other typical thoughts: "I will make the code clean later...", "this is not an important part of code and nobody will change it in the future...", "why should I spend time on this when I can do real work?".

Familiar phrases, aren't they? I've heard them a lot of times. On one hand, developers know that it is important to keep code clean, and on the other hand, they always have something more important to do instead. Let’s take a closer look at this problem.

Some basic points for Magento Development

Today we will go through some basics points for Magento Development. When any developer starts working with Magento he must know about what is Codepools and How does Magento interacts with Codepools. 1) Magento Codepools: Magento has three different codepools: Community : app/code/community/ Core : app/code/core/ Local :app/code/local/ Core pool All exsisting feature of Manento code exists in this Folder. The best practice that Magento team suggest not to change any code in core files only Magento Team can make changes in that in New releaseas. So that it will not create problem in time of Magento Upgradation from Old version to New one.


About Us

Mementia "just works". We are different by being exactly what you expect, not what usually happens. We are predictable, reliable, and we just do what you wants us to do. You get what you wanted to get. It's that simple. Mementia is all about making web development a pleasant experience for people again. It does not need to be difficult, behind closed doors, filled with technical jargon, bad customer service, and expensive. Our projects and pricing are completely transparent. We have nothing to hide.