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  Grow your eCommerce Business with us!

Mementia is a reliable a predictable a professional an experienced eCommerce partner for your business.

Our Advantages

We are on your side

We have no financial or any other incentive to recommend a particular eCommerce platform to you - our only motivation is to deliver a service that your business really needs.

24x7 Customer Support

Magento certified developers are on the call around the clock, making sure that your website is running smoothly.


Service Level Agreements (SLAs) make sure that you actually get the level of service you pay for.


Our release management procedures ensure that we don't break things when we make the required changes to the website.

Reliable Consulting

We provide general consulting on Magento, as well as user training and data integration services with various ERP, CRM and Order Management systems.


All of our code is tested by our QA department and comes with a project warranty.

High Performance Guaranteed

With Mementia Hosting, your website will run 40% faster on average, compared to most other hosting offers.

Peace of Mind

Our Mementia Configuum extension continuously checks your website, Magento logs, PHP exceptions, module errors, and checkout functionality, 24x7x365, making sure you don't lose orders.

and more...

Mementia QA can quickly test your website, find potentially serious security and functional problems you don't know about, and provide a comprehensive report with suggestions for fixing them.
We can seamlessly work as your only eCommerce partner, as well as with your existing developers, marketing professionals, and IT departments.
We have a vast experience with integrating Magento with various backend and frontend systems. Our engineers understand business processes, not just technology, and will help you select the best solution for your needs.

Our clients are happy confident satisfied with Mementia

Don't believe us. Believe them. Meet our clients.

Rabbi Avidan Elkin
Bisra Meats
"They did a ton of homework..."
Josh Miller & Niv Pollack
Swimsuits Direct
"Just not playing the guessing game was very... It was a peace of mind, I would say..."
Roy Loomis
Ecommerce Partners
"Mementia has really deep Magento expertise, coupled with excellent project management skills."
Paula Jota & Kristian Pedersen
Pet Dreams
"You don't have to get upset to get something done. They're actually listening to you when you say something."
Mariya Fedorenko & Igor Solyanenko
Aegon Life
"I think that the major advantage of Mementia company is that they're very flexible."
Vadim Utkin
"The budget was predictable and Mementia always forecast budget with very, very little variance..."