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Magento Security Best Practices

Dear Mementia Customer,


We have assembled a short article with an outline of Security Best Practices for operators of Magneto websites based on the official Magneto Security Best Practices article. While Mementia takes care to ensure a secure development process and security of sites we host and support, there is a number of steps that you as a site owner and operator can take in order to guard against certain types of malicious activity.

Modifying Magento search

We already learned some of basics and how to create Magento extension, now we will dig in little deeper and learn how to override some Magento functionalities. The story: You got brand new store with a lot of awesome products and you just can’t show all products on home page. So, that means that when your customers will use the site search, they expect to find what they came for or they will continue searching on Google. To help you with this Magento included search suggestions to help your customers while typing in search bar.