Once your PrestaShop store is set up, it’s time to make sure that runs smoothly and fast, provides your users with the utmost security, and that your future loyal customers can find it right on the first page of their Google search.

Mementia provides comprehensive Search Engine Optimization, Security, and Performance Optimization services. Our specialists will make sure that your eCommerce is entirely secure, fast and resistant to data breaches and that it performs efficiently. Mementia’s SEO experts will help your online store stand out in Google so that you can always convert store newcomer visitors into loyal clients.

Performance Audit

We will perform PrestaShop Performance Audit to check your PrestaShop store’s speed, performance, accessibility and usability.

SEO Audit

You will get a list of all PrestaShop SEO Optimization weak spots and errors affecting your PrestaShop store.

Security Audit

PrestaShop Security Audit of your PrestaShop store covers all security aspects including preventing malicious code input, DDoS attacks, and possible hacking attempts.

Boost your business with our top-notch PrestaShop Audit services! Contact Us and receive a weak spots list and recommendations on how to optimize, speed-up and secure your PrestaShop store.