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Questions to ask before you hiring a web development team

Top 8 questions to ask before you hire a development team. 

Whether you run an up-and-coming eCommerce project or have an already well-established enterprise, you'll need to go digital at some point in your development. A user-friendly website or an appealing app - either way, you’ll require software to run a successful business and attract more customers. 

After you decide which kind of software you want to use, your next step is to hire a web development team to turn your idea into a full-fledged product. We shortlisted the top 8 questions you need to ask at the interview before making your mind. 

1. Do you have eCommerce projects in your portfolio?

Building a manufacturing company website and creating a digital product for an eCommerce business are two completely different tasks. Even if your potential software partner has successful experience working in other industries, ask them whether they dealt with projects similar to yours.

Providing relevant advice, conducting business analysis and adjusting your product to the needs of the specific audience are just a few benefits you can reap while working with a development team that has expertise in your field. 

2. What is my role in the development process?

It’s a good idea to ask about the level of your involvement in the project before you get down to development. As a rule, software development companies allow customers to choose whether they want to make vital decisions in the project or get regular updates on project status and review the product with each new delivery. 

While interviewing your potential development team, discuss your contribution to the process to avoid conflicts and disagreements.

3. How will you handle change requests?

Change requests are probably the most disputable issue, but unfortunately, many companies tend to avoid this topic during the negotiation stage. In the end, they often charge twice more for changes implemented to the project. Some of them even build their business models around change requests. 

Before you hire a dedicated web development team, make sure you address this issue. Ask how your partner defines “change requests,” how they handle them and when you should express your preferences to avoid extra fees. This step will help you avoid misunderstandings that may arise and allow you to choose a reliable software partner for long-term collaboration. 

4. Will I have a dedicated web development team?

Even renowned software development vendors tend to assign dozens of projects to a single specialist, which often results in poor quality of software or delays of a product launch. If you want to work with a dedicated software development team, ask your partner if employees will be assigned to the project for a long time or they might change depending on the type of tasks, project lifecycle, etc. 

5. Do you provide any maintenance after the product launch?

One of the core questions to ask your new team is if they provide support and maintenance after your product is launched. Building an eCommerce website or a mobile app is just halfway to success. To get new customers and ensure your product runs like clockwork, you have to maintain it, track KPIs and introduce the necessary changes. 

For most eCommerce business owners, handling such a wide project scope is challenging. That’s why it is better to ask your software development provider if they can provide quality maintenance services and guide your business to the first deal and further.  

6. How will you update me on the progress?

Communication matters a lot when it comes to web development. If you work with a software outsourcing company, chances are you’ll never meet your team in person or you’ll see them once or twice during the whole project. In most cases, you will be communicating with a project manager responsible for updating you on the project status. You should be aware of the current stage, whether it is development, testing, or pre-launch. 

A good question to ask your web developers is how they will keep in touch with you, how often they will update you on the changes and whether you’ll get demos upon the end of each spring. This step will ensure you see eye to eye with your developers on all communication issues. 

7. What pricing models do you use?

A software company can charge you in a variety of ways. There is no golden standard as each company’s approach is different depending on the project complexity, client’s requirements, chosen tech stack, etc. But you shouldn’t hesitate to ask how your potential vendor handles this issue. Whether it is T&M or fixed price, you should express your preferences and negotiate it with your partner. 

8. What project methodology do you use?

When hiring a web development team, it is vital to know how they organize work on the project. Asking this question will help you understand how software developers will deliver results, when your product will be deployed, how deadlines are organized, etc. It is also an excellent way to understand if that particular company is the right fit for your project. 

If your development team digresses to another topic, avoids your questions, or nods their heads, there is a high chance they cannot find the right answer for your question. In this case, it is better to conduct thorough research and look for alternatives on the market. 

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