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Increase Your Conversion Rate

Are you wondering why you aren't making any sales even though your eCommerce store attracts a large amount of traffic?

Your marketing strategies are working quite well - you’re getting a ton of traffic, but very few people are completing their purchases. What's the problem?

Running a successful eCommerce store is much more than generating the traffic to your site. You need to convert it into sales. Obviously, not everyone who visits your site will convert into a paying customer. What you should be concerned about is the percentage of people that visit your site and end up purchasing a product.

What is the conversion rate and how to calculate it?

Conversion rate is the percentage of people (out of the total number of visitors) who visit a site and complete a desired action (conversion). These actions can vary, depending on your business goals.

Desired actions include making a purchase, subscribing to an email newsletter, participating in a survey, sharing content on social media, leaving comments, etc.

Calculating your conversion rate depends on how you define your conversion event and how you plan to measure traffic.

Your numerator is defined by your conversion rate goal while the denominator is defined as your total pool of traffic (which can be leads, session counts or unique visitors).

For an eCommerce site, the best formula is the one that includes unique visitors. Here is how it should look:

Conversion rate = (Total conversions / Total number of unique visitors) × 100


How to increase your conversion rate?

  • Pay attention to product images

    You heard the saying, "A picture is worth a thousand words" Well, it’s true!

    People don't want just to browse through a site anymore, they want to experience it. Shoppers want to see what they are about to buy before they make their decision. Using attractive images can increase your site's conversions and help influence the buyers’ decision. Bring your eCommerce site to life with well-chosen pictures!

    Don’t use just any image, pick the high-quality ones. Unprofessional images can make your business look unprofessional. People won't buy a product that looks ugly in the pictures.

  • Define your audience

    Have you heard about a study that examined how men and women look at the same picture of a young woman?

    The results might (or maybe not) surprise you. Men spent more time looking at her chest while women spent more time looking at her ring. You see where we are going with this?

    - Choose your product images based on your audience.

  • Shipping cost

    Offer free shipping.

    Free shipping is one of the key factors that will determine if a consumer will make a purchase or not.

    A study showed that out of 56% of all shoppers who browsed through an eCommerce store, only 19% of them placed an item in the cart.

    Out of these 19%, only 7% completed a transaction. When asked why they abandoned the products in their cart, they said that the shipping cost was too high.

    The study showed that shipping costs dropped the conversion rate from 19% to 7%.

    93% of buyers say they would buy a product if there is free shipping. 58% say they would add more products to the cart to qualify for free shipping.

  • Show product reviews

    Product reviews make your eCommerce store more reliable and honest. If you don’t have product reviews yet, we suggest contacting your previous customers and asking them for testimonials.

    Don’t delete negative reviews. Buyers use negative reviews to determine the authenticity and the trust level of the positive reviews. A mixture of both positive and negative comments helps to improve brand trust and to increase conversion rate.

  • Effective CTA

    Your customers shouldn't have to scan the entire page before they find a check out button or to go through a series of steps before they can add an item to their cart.

    Customers have a short attention span - if they can't find the call to action (CTA) buttons fast, they will most likely leave your store. A smooth shopping experience will increase the conversion rate on your site.

  • Reduce distractions

    Here are some rules to follow for reducing distractions on your site:

    - Use a clean layout.

    - Website pages should be easy to navigate.

    - Choose an attractive color scheme.

    - Choose a design that is appropriate for your products and theme.

    - Your content should be well organized and easy to follow.

    - Product images should be HD quality.

  • Offer Discount Codes

    Discount codes are a great way to nudge the customers to make a purchase. You can increase sales significantly by offering discounts, especially during holidays.

    67% of customers report making an unanticipated purchase after being offered a discount. Adding a discount offer can help you convert a prospect who hasn't made up their mind.

    Offering discount codes for every purchase can be expensive for your business. The easiest way to get the full advantage of discount codes is to offer limited-time discounts.

  • Simplify Checkout Process

    The checkout process is one thing you don't want to mess up. If your customers have a difficult time paying for the product, you will end up losing them.

    Even if somebody is really determined to buy a certain product, you can be sure that it will be the last time they have come to your store. Additionally, you shouldn't be looking for one-time conversions only. When you provide a customer with a smooth shopping experience, they are very likely to come back.

    Try these strategies to improve the checkout process:

    - Use a shopping cart system that allows users to return back to your website without having to re-add items to their cart.

    - After a first time user registers to your site, retain and automatically refill their checkout form when they shop next time.

    - Better yet, don't ask customers to register for check out. 26% of shoppers would abandon a cart if they are forced to register.

We hope you found this article helpful. Please feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions.

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