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Black Friday and Cyber Monday - Tips for Small Businesses

To make sure that your customers are happy and the biggest shopping event is successful for your business, you need to develop a winning Black Friday eCommerce strategy. We prepared a checklist to make sure you don’t miss anything important.

1. Prepare your BFCM deals early

Many buyers start looking for deals as early as in October. That’s why it’s smart to come up with Black Friday ideas beforehand and create a list of your deals. Announce your special offers well in advance to make sure your customers are aware of your BFCM deals and discounts early on.

2. Check your website speed

If your website speed is slow on Black Friday, more than 50% of potential buyers will leave your online store and go to a competitor. You need to mitigate this risk in advance and ensure nothing disrupts your customers' journey. For more information on how to boost your website speed, read our article and discover 5 ways to boost your site’s performance.

3. Prepare a contingency plan

Do you know Murphy's law? Anything that can go wrong will go wrong. Even if you’re not superstitious and believe everything will go smoothly, you should have a contingency plan. If your website crashes, you won’t have enough staff to process orders or to solve any other problem that may appear. Think of the worst-case scenarios, make a list of the most probable issues, and develop solutions for each of them.

4. Optimize your product list

This is the right time to declutter your store and launch a big sales campaign. Provide special offers and significant discounts for items you want your customers to buy. Also, make sure your buyers won’t meet any obstacles on their way. On Black Friday, your Magento or Shopify website needs to be perfect. Remove all unnecessary blocks (e.g. big banners on the homepage or CTAs), place all the products within an easy reach, and display high-profit deals on your homepage.

5. Analyze your customers’ behavior

To make sure that you have everything prepared for the biggest shopping events of the year, analyze your buyers’ behavior and find out which items interest them the most. You can use analytics to see which web pages have the highest traffic and which ones have the highest bounce rate. If you know which deals will attract more buyers, you will be able to create effective pathways to sell low-interest items.

6. Add more payment gateways

Black Monday and Cyber Monday are global shopping events, which means customers from all over the world might come to your online store searching for the best deals. With this in mind, it’s a good idea to think about how your buyers will pay for their purchases and how to make the payment process as easy as possible. Check your payment gateways and add new ones if necessary to increase your chances to convert your website visitors into paying customers.

7. Use social media marketing

Social media is an excellent instrument that can help you create buzz around your sales and bring more leads to your website. A quick research will reveal lots of Black Friday ideas for eCommerce businesses.

Basically, there are two major ways to reach higher profits with SMM. The first option is to launch a Facebook ad campaign and showcase your BFCM deals to a broad audience. The statistics show that Facebook is effective for eCommerce businesses - retail ad campaigns have demonstrated a purchase rate of 42%, which is a good indicator compared to other industries.

The second option is to use hashtags and think of how you can incorporate them to boost profits. You should also make sure that your social media deals are integrated with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other popular social networks so that your customers can share them with friends.

8. Benefit from cross-selling

Black Friday is time to kick off your cross-selling game. Don’t expect your customers to visit your website, find something they need, purchase and leave. They want to look for high-profit deals, engage in interesting campaigns and find a bargain. If you have a customer who is making a purchase, offer them to buy something additional at a discounted price. Think of something that might fit together naturally, like a fitness bracelet and a yoga mat, flowers and candies, a smartphone and a case, etc.

9. Test your website

If you’re going to participate in Black Friday and/or Cyber Monday sales events, you need to prepare your website and make sure it won’t crash in peak times. Test it in advance with automated testing tools and turn to specialists to conduct test cases for you. Believe it or not, the cost of the test won’t exceed your losses if your website can’t handle a surge in traffic.

Make sure that your website is mobile responsive as most customers shop from their phones. Check out how your online store looks on different mobile devices and ensure it is easy to navigate.

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