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Black Friday and Cyber Monday - A Smart Black Friday eCommerce Strategy

But seasoned entrepreneurs are aware of all the challenges and pitfalls. Possible overloads, staff shortages and website crashes are just a few of the worst-case scenarios that might happen to your business. To mitigate all risks and make sure you get the most out of the upcoming shopping events, you should think of your Black Friday eCommerce strategy and prepare your store in advance. Mementia can help!

1. Clean out your store

By "cleaning out," we mean you should get rid of all the unnecessary elements which might hinder your visitor from seeing your best deals on Black Friday 2020. Remove the items which you’re not going to promote and focus on the most profitable ones. It’s always better to bet on a limited product range rather than trying to sell everything, from yoga mats to drywall.

2. Analyze your customers’ behavior

Getting into customers’ heads is what every business person dreams of. We have good news for you - you can reach this goal with the help of analytics. Try various digital marketing tools like Google Analytics, Ahrefs, or Hotjar, and you’ll see how many insights you’ll get. Use them to get rid of unnecessary items, see what can be banded together and create offers your clients will rave about!

3. Track the competition

What do your competitors offer? If you don’t have the answer to this question, it is the right time to look at your rivals and check what they’ll be selling on BFCM (Black Friday, Cyber Monday). Competitor analysis is vital when it comes to composing offers and attracting new clients.

Here is a step-by-step plan on how to approach it right:

  • Compose a list of your competitors;

  • Go to their store and make notes on the offers they bet on;

  • Make a list of similar items;

  • Find the niche on the market;

  • Come up with Black Friday ideas for your eCommerce store;

  • Create the best deals and place them on your homepage. 

4. Place your deals within an easy reach

What’s the point of your deals if your customers can’t find them? Conduct a usability test and see whether you website visitors can find your deals easily and place them in the basket. You can ask a couple of friends to test your website and report what they find interesting/ cool/ irritating, etc.

Alternatively, you can hire a couple of manual QA engineers who’ll approach this task professionally. We at Mementia are experts on Magento support services and can provide you with seasoned engineers who’ll write test cases and execute them appropriately.

5. Check your website’s speed

Do you know that more than 50% of potential buyers will leave your store if they have to wait for it to load for more than 30 seconds? And on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, they’re more demanding than ever. Lots of online stores have been working hard to prepare their websites for an increased flow of customers.

Make sure your site is healthy and ready for the biggest shopping events of the year. Your website speed should be high on Black Friday to make sure you won’t lose any clients. You can check your website speed on the free platforms like this one.

6. Generate a buzz around your store

It’s a good idea to promote your deals a few weeks before Black Friday. There are multiple ways you can approach it, depending on your resources, goals and budget, but in any case it’s a great idea to run Facebook and Instagram ads. Statistics show that businesses which promote their BFCM offers get 85% more purchases compared to their competitors.

A Pro Tip: Videos perform 25% better in Facebook ads compared to images. 

7. Boost your SEO

If you don’t use any advertising or social media marketing, SEO is a must for your business on Black Friday. Simply put, SEO is a set of activities you do on your website to make it easier for your audience to find your website in search engines. 

Most people start their shopping routine with Google. So, before you kick off your BFCM deals, make sure your website is optimized for better performance. The following easy steps will help you boost SEO and prepare your online store for upcoming sales:

  • Ensure you have a reliable hosting provider

  • Make use of SEO plugins

  • Choose a site theme designed to boost your SEO

  • Optimize images on your website

  • Fill your product descriptions with keywords

  • Extend your product descriptions a bit

  • Ensure you don't’ have a duplicate content on your website

Remember - preparation is the key. By paying attention to all the details, you can boost your website performance, resulting in higher traffic and better sales!

Contact Mementia and make your store run like clockwork!

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