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Benefits of building a PWA for your eCommerce business

In times of crisis when social distancing has become a life-saving practice, going online is the only way for many businesses to stay afloat. And when it comes to digitalization, entrepreneurs are sometimes torn between building a native application and developing their own website.

Progressive web applications combine the benefits of both worlds as they can run on different platforms. They also guarantee seamless user experience and help you stay on a budget. What is a PWA? What benefits does it provide to eCommerce companies? How can you use it to scale your business? We have all the answers you need in this article!

What is a PWA?

Progressive web app (or PWA) is a type of web application built with the help of JavaScript, HTML and CSS, which can provide your audience with the feel and look of a native mobile web. Static generators are frequently used to create engaging storefront that can be connected to eCommerce platforms on the backend. Thus, your PWA will be run in the browser while providing customers with a native-like app experience.

Benefits of PWAs for eCommerce businesses

PWAs have already taken the market by storm. As the number of mobile users keeps growing each year, businesses are looking for the ways to get their share of the mobile eCommerce market. While previously native applications were seen as the only option to reach this goal - which is a costly and time-consuming venture - the PWA stands out today as a decent alternative to native development.

Here are just a few benefits PWAs can provide to your eCommerce business:

Cost-effective solution

Whether you own a small shop or run a well-established company, PWA is a great solution that will boost your digital presence. And if you are on a budget, you’ll be glad to hear that developing a progressive web app won’t cost you a fortune.

Compared to native apps, PWAs’ development cost is 3-4 times less, which means you can invest more in marketing and accelerate your development on the market.

Reduced time to market

In the modern competitive business environment, bringing your software product fast to the market is crucial. If you fail to do so, your competitors will outpace you.

Developing a native application usually takes from 6 months to a year, depending on the project scope, team composition and complexity of the software product. On the other hand, PWAs have a simpler layout, reducing development time and bringing your product to the market faster.

Expert tip: It can be a good idea to build an MVP first to see if your product fits the audience’s preferences and needs. After you launch it on the market, you can scale it further by adding new features based on your customers’ feedback. This step may save you time and money as you won’t waste resources for unnecessary functionalities.

Reach broader audience

Native apps are tailored to a single platform, which could be a problem if you choose to scale your business. To reach a broader audience, you’ll have to develop another app that will run on Android or iOS.

With PWAs, you won’t face such challenges as they run in the browser and work on any device. Thus, you can reach more potential clients and open up more opportunities for your business.

Impressive speed and capabilities

Speed is one of the most important factors in the world of eCommerce. Studies have shown that most users tend to abandon a website if they wait more than 3 seconds for the page to load.

By opting for a progressive web app, your customers are getting a top-notch digital experience. PWAs have proven to be loaded faster than websites, which speaks volumes about their impeccable performance. They also work in the offline mode, enabling your users to view the page even if their Internet connection is bad.

Higher conversion rates

Did you know that PWAs have a 36% higher conversion rate than mobile apps? Their ease of use and impressive cross-platform capabilities provide users with everything they want to see in an application.

Your customers don’t need to install an app, wait until the pages are loaded or use their laptop each time they want to buy something in their favorite store. They just open a PWA, choose a product and pay for it after placing it in the cart. Yes, it’s that simple!

Improve your SEO results

Since PWAs work in browsers, all the content on your website can be ranked, discovered and crawled by Google. This feature provides an ample opportunity for SEO, which can become a valuable means for attracting customers to your online store. If handled well, you can grow your audience and provide a significant boost to your business.

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