QA Engineer

Mementia ( makes sure that our client’s Magento eCommerce websites and infrastructure run well, and stay up. Our people are working remotely, and our small team is located all around the world. Our company is based in Bosnia, with locations in the U.S. and Ukraine.

We are looking for a Tier 1 Support Engineer (QA) addition to our team.

Both individuals and small teams are welcome to apply, full-time or part-time.

Mementia is a self-managing organization. We are using Holacracy to manage ourselves and improve our processes. As a Partner in our organization, you will have a say in making decisions that shape our company, your work, roles, and anything else about your work. You will be on equal footing with your colleagues, and if there is something you need to change, there are clear processes to do that. All expectations from you are explicit and well-defined, and there are clear rules for working together that eliminate personal conflict.

All of our clients are international, so remote working is perfectly fine (from home, coworking, or anywhere). Most of our people work remotely anyway. People with disabilities are welcome to apply.

For the first month, you will need to work on a standard schedule (09:00-18:00). After this, you can discuss any eight-hour schedule by approving it with the Lead Link in advance.


Role Accountabilities:

  • Delivering bug-free services
  • Identifying bugs as early as possible in the development cycle
  • Identifying initial goal, purpose, plan and next actions for all new issues
  • Making sure that the clients receive what they have ordered
  • Supporting the clarity in issues by making sure that all issues have a clear goal, purpose, plan and next actions
  • Managing versions
  • Performing demos
  • Supporting the team by managing access and authorization for customer's sites



  • Attention to detail
  • Basic knowledge of HTML
  • The fundamentals of modern software development and testing processes
  • Experience of any work with websites (for example, administering an online store)
  • English - medium spoken (absolutely must have).


Will be a plus:

  • Good knowledge of HTML
  • Perfectionism
  • A desire to find problems in working things
  • Testing automation skills
  • Providing useful feedback for product improvement
  • Fluent English
  • At least 1yr of testing experience
  • Analytical frame of mind.



  • Ability to work from home or office
  • We promise to provide a compensation and motivation system that will correspond to your value to us, and that will grow as you grow
  • Processes will rule instead of people.

  • We will follow the Holacracy Constitution at, so you will always know what to expect.


Please use our contact form to apply. Make sure to provide the vacancy name and your name, as well as a link to your resume on the web.