We Know What Works

Mementia has years of experience in consulting companies like yours about eCommerce and structuring business processes around eCommerce.

We use an evidence-based, scientific management-inspired approach that is pragmatic, non-technical, and completely based on business value prioritization.

Mementia can help you with much more than simply eCommerce. We know how successful eCommerce businesses should work, and we can help you find your own path to success.

Small Business

Small companies can start around eCommerce without having a structured, mature business around it. Mementia can share its experience and help your small business build the structure it needs without the unnecessary costs and delays. We can be lean, focused, and determined to work with you using a wide variety of finance models, so that the consulting never hurts your bottom line.

Medium and Enterprise Business

Most web agencies do not understand how to work with large clients well. Many times, it is required to integrated with internal IT departments, communicate effectively cross-teamm, and basically work as if you are a part of the corporation. Mementia has worked smoothly with enterprise clients, thanks to our management background. We understand corporate processes, the structured and procedural ways of getting things done, while still being able to cut through the red tape and get the task accomplished.